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Big Apple, Big Hustle


back in the city

that never sleeps

people always hustlin

horns that beep

never a dull moment

memories on every street

what makes people move forward?

and strive to compete?

and drive until complete


with the dichotomy of poverty

life’s part lottery

part pottery

mold the clay you’ve been given

stay focused, stay driven

in the apple that never sleeps

a big apple with rare flavors

flavors to savor, and saviors

trying to snag those looking for freedom


be wary, the world can be scary

and stick to your guns and common sense

in the subway which never sleeps

always scurry

always hurry

mental illness and misery

human accomplishment and history

all encapsulated in the same square footage

fuhget about it,

let’s get some cawfee

and be calm

and be free

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