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Network Intelligence (nTEL)

Design Context

As a recent job-seeker, I wondered to myself: What if you could tell which Slack groups, meetups, email newsletter subscriptions, Linkedin groups, or Facebook groups were a worthy investment of time or energy?

You would be able to save time, network effectively, and have better experiences online and off.

The ideal application could sort by rating, genre (business, art, etc), level of professionalism (laid-back - investments), and network effect (local, global) in order to serve your networking interests.

Pain Points

  • Waste time at networking events/channels which are not worth the time investment

  • Word of mouth recommendations take large investments of time unless you can find it from something like a high-quality Slack group

User Research

  • Surveyed product managers, friends, and acquaintances about the value of such an offering

Mockup (built with Inspr)


<- Product Requirements Document

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