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5 Best Slacks in the Software, Startup, and Product Management communities

by Jacob Severn

There is an ongoing debate about how useful Slack is as a collaboration tool. Sometimes it can feel like a distraction tool. One of its biggest utilities is as combination of networking and community platform. One can meet people from all over the world, and instantly connect and message them within the same app. Very convenient for quickly meeting people with similar interests. The same rules apply about verification and being intelligent about what information you share, but you’re more likely to have a positive experience or good connection. These are the slack groups I’ve found most powerful for networking and connection (specifically for startups, software, and product management).

1. Startup Study Group (

Lots of remote job opportunities, exposure to different start up ideas, and a helpful community.

2. Product School (

Product managers from notable software companies abound, they have a mentorship program, and also have plenty of networking and job opportunities.

3. Product Hive (

Product managers from around the world; the community is very engaging and lots of interesting concepts for companies reside here.

4. Colorado Blockchain (colorado

The Colorado Blockchain community is ahead of the curve, sharing concepts and knowledge which keeps you engaged. Very collaborative community. They’ve since moved to keybase (

5. Colorado Product (

Colorado’s product community slack includes members from outside the state. The benefit is even more powerful for the CO community because of the quality of events, networking, and job opportunities in the state. They even have a fantastic mentorship opportunity and something called Rocky Mountain Product camp, which is a fantastic learning and networking experience.

That’s all for now, will give an update in a couple months as I keep learning more about the slack communities out there!


bonus: for veterans — the Operation Code slack. Great for advice on everything, especially coding or technology (but I’ve asked questions about finance and health insurance).

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