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Recurring Meals

Design Context


What if you could automate when and where your meal comes when ordering off of doordash/grubhub?


What if you could set the preference for meals to be as diverse as you wanted, or as boring/predictable as you wanted?


If you could guarantee a bid for food (automated delivery every day, at the same time, to the same place), you'd create a competition between restaurants for those guaranteed bids. Additionally, if you are really that busy of a person, food would come automatically at the same time, same place so you wouldn’t miss a meal.

Pain Points

  • Missing meals

  • No time to spend time manually evaluating different meal options. Desire automation of the process.

User Research

  • Surveyed friends and acquaintances about the value of such an offering



















Mockup (built with Inspr)

2nd Mockup -built with Figma. Changes: removed sliders in favor of check boxes and direct input. Changed to more user friendly text (asking a question). Added some colr and images.

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